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Arts Administration and Community Engagement Internship

Jun. 01, , 2015 2015

This summer, the South Side Home Movie Project and the Logan Center for the Arts partnered with the University of Chicago’s Arts + Public Life on one of three six-week teen programs at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park, funded in part by After School Matters.

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In the Arts Administration and Community Engagement Internship, teens worked with university staff and faculty to archive and present home movies from a unique cultural resource and organize events for teens and families.

The interns’ goal was to reignite interest in the project through outreach to spread the word and promote the SSHMP. Focusing on engaging with and giving back to the community, the interns decided to to connect with the community and encourage the community to contribute to the project through a variety of avenues, including a trailer.

The interns learned about the history of the South Side of Chicago and the SSHMP with Dr. Jacqueline Stewart, viewing home movies already included in the SSHMP’s collection. With PhD candidate James Rosenow, they learned about film culture and terminology. Through visiting the Chicago Film Archives, they learned about film preservation. The process of creating and completing the trailer allowed the interns to learn about video production and editing.