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Creative Grounds at Anthony Overton School

Aug. 18, , 2018 2018
2:00pm - 6:00pm CDT

4927 S Indiana Ave, Chicago

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Revisit 1963, the NAACP March in Memorial for Medgar Evers, the Bud Billiken Parade and the Chicago Public School Boycott, as SSHMP archival films play during this activation of the former Anthony Overton Elementary School by Creative Grounds. Free!

During summer of 2018, Creative Grounds presents 8×3: Art + Architecture in collaboration with the Washington Park Development Group.

By asking how might art, design and architecture support, accelerate or amplify repurposing of closed public schools, this project aims to produce art and design installations by collaborative teams of architects and artists that can respond both to the main prompt of Creative Grounds about the future of social infrastructure and/or are inspired by the architecture of this building or the legacy of Anthony Overton.

Creative Grounds will serve as the organizing platform to facilitate collaborative projects among Bronzeville and city-wide artists, architects, students and residents – the idea is to create 24 rooms (8 classrooms per floor x 3 floors) that have original site-specific projects that explore the intersections between art, design and architecture.

Join us during our open house and workshop days on Saturdays (June 30, July 28 & August 18) and get a hands-on collaborative experience with these teams of artistis, architects, students and neighbors.