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Intergenerational Perspectives: All Ages Home-made Movie Event

Nov. 14, , 2017 2017
6:30pm CDT

Experimental Station
6100 South Blackstone Avenue, Chicago

Experimental Station and South Side Home Movie Project present an evening for all ages to view historical and contemporary representations of personal life on the South Side through home-made movies, discuss how we capture and archive media in the current era, and create a joyous sound effects score collaboratively for a vintage cartoon shared with the project by one of their members.

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- “Breaking Barriers” screening – high school student film, using footage from the South Side Home Movie Project and cell phone videos, that examines how the South Side of Chicago is viewed vs. how it is.

- Screening of the original home movies used in “Breaking Barriers,” with possible narration by the movie-makers (including a 1963 film of the Bud Billiken Parade!).

- Group discussion about how we create and archive photographs and video in the current era.

- Audience-created sound effects score to a cartoon shared with the SSHMP by one of their members.

The event is also an opportunity for guests to join the South Side Home Movie Project by sharing homemade films from Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods, to have them preserved and digitized by the project for at-home viewing.

The Intergenerational Perspectives Series is organized by Matthew Searle, Assistant Director for Experimental Station. Please contact Matthew for more information or to be involved in future programming: 773.241.6044 or matthew (at)

This event is free and open to the public, and families are welcome.