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Re-Spin: Spinning Home Movies: Jamila Woods "an ode to inner space"

Mar. 03, , 2022 2022
7:00pm CDT

Join us for another Re-Spin of Spinning Home Movies, featuring Jamila Woods’ "an ode to inner space," airing live on the APL YouTube channel on Thursday, March 3 at 7 pm CST.

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Originally aired on July 2, 2020, "an ode to inner space"is a 30-minute set of vintage home movie footage from the South Side Home Movie Project digital archives, curated and soundtracked by Chicago’s own singer, songwriter and poet Jamila Woods. As the summer of 2020 would prove how essential harboring sentiments of love and familiarity would be in the construction of our everyday lives, Woods asked us all to look back on how our lives are constantly impacted by the decision to capture life's most precious moments in their totality.

"In these archival family videos, the act of recording is an act of love. To press record is to say, “I want to remember you, I wish you to be remembered.” I was captivated by the idea of Black folks seeing each other through the camera, framing each other. The way these moving portraits make us wonder about the subject’s inner thoughts, feelings, wishes, dreams & invite us to recall our own. Paired with songs that put me in an emotional & reflective space, this collection of sounds & images is a spell to celebrate & protect Black interiority." -Jamila Woods

Presented in partnership with the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture (CSRPC).