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SSHMP Arts Lawn Banners + Spinning Home Movies Live Screening

Oct. 09, 2021
1:00pm - 5:00pm CDT

300 East Block of Garfield Blvd.

Come on out to the Arts Block for an in-person celebration featuring vendors, performers and pie(!), along with the unveiling of SSHMP’s Arts Lawn banners, special episodes of Spinning Home Movies on-screen in the Green Line Performing Arts Center, and opportunities to meet the artist who created each episode. Click here for complete details and full schedule for the day.

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1:00-1:45pm | L1 Grand Opening Ceremony

Join us for the grand opening of the newest addition to the Arts Block—the L1 Creative Business Accelerator Retail Store, housed inside of the first historic “L” station built in 1892 and furnished with custom-made millwork by Norman Teague Design Studio. Welcome and shop the L1 Fellows: Hemp Heals Body Shop, ReformedSchool, Solo Noir for Men and Zen Soul Apothecary.

2:00-5:00pm | South Side Home Movie Project Screenings + Meet the Artists

Green Line Performing Arts Center

2:00pm | Spinning Home Movies Episode 16
“The Movements of D-Composed” with Kori Coleman

2:45pm | Spinning Home Movies Episode 12
“Killing our Darlings” with Leslé Honore

3:20pm – Spinning Home Movies Episode 14
“In Transit(ion)” with Ciera McKissick

4:00pm – Spinning Home Movies Episode 6
“if just for a moment, eutopia” with Rae Chardonnay

4:30pm – Spinning Home Movies Episode 15
“Time Travelin” with Cam Be

3:00-3:15pm | Arts Lawn Banner Installation Unveiling

Green Line Performing Arts Center (Outside)

In celebration of the upcoming Arts Lawn, the South Side Home Movie Project invites you to walk alongside vintage scenes of public life drawn from our home movie collections, depicting moments of intimacy, connection, and attentive care that green space nurtures across Chicago’s South Side. These home movie stills were selected by a multi-generational team of co-curators composed of film donors, local high school students, South Side artists and project interns.

The co-curators are: Rae Chardonnay, Jeanette Foreman, Kareema Godhrawala, Justina Ibarra, Ciera Alyse McKissick, Selin Oh and Rai Mckinley Terry.