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05.05.2022: CSRPC announces Spring 2022 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grantees

Written by Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture on 05.05.2022
for CSRPC Announcement

Announcing our 2022 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grantees!

“Race Studies Centers: Research, Teaching, and Partnerships," is a grant awarded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support a four-year collaboration among Race Studies Centers at Brown University, the University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Yale University.

Meet our Spring 2022 grantees

Leora Auslander (History) & Thomas C. Holt (History)
Funding to support research assistance for a book project, TransAtlantic Crossings: Everyday Race in the 20th-Century Atlantic World

Leora Auslander (History)
RDI Course Development

Adrienne Brown (Division of the Humanities)
​​“South Side Home Movie Project: Developing Interactive Tools for Community Cataloging”

Iris Clever (History)
The Afterlife of Race Science: Postwar Craniometry in Human Evolutionary Studies

Eve L. Ewing (Crown Family School of Social Work)
“Frank London Brown Exhibition”

Allyson Nadia Field (Cinema and Media Studies)
“Something Good-Negro Kiss" and the Legacies of Racialized Performance in American Popular Culture

“Black Women's Filmmaking, in conjunction with The Sojourner Truth Festival of the Arts”

Ryan Jobson (Anthropology)
“Sou Sou: A Humanities Laboratory in Caribbean Studies”

C. Riley Snorton (Division of the Humanities)
“Black Trans in the Americas”

Kris Trujillo (Comparative Literature)
“Queer Premodernisms and Queer of Color Critique”

avery r. young (APL/CSRPC Artist-in-Residence Alumni)
“maim de looter(s): a sound design”

SSHMP's Funded Project:
South Side Home Movie Project: Developing Interactive Tools for Community Cataloging

The South Side Home Movie Project proposes to expand the community engagement opportunities available on our new website through the development of custom software that invites visitors to participate in the knowledge-building process by contributing to the public data on each film. We will convene a multi-disciplinary group of partners to guide the design of this new feature, and to thoroughly test and experiment with it before public launch. The specialized software will enable home movie donors and other site visitors to add comments, locations, names and annotations to individual films, generating the richly detailed context that grounds the films in lived experience, and makes SSHMP an increasingly important, useful, and complex resource.