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Notice something in a film that you find interesting, a place you recognize, or a person you know? We invite you to submit a tag (a word or short phrase) to the film. When approved, these tags will be visible and searchable to everyone who visits the site.

Is the film sparking a memory? Maybe you are in the film or were there when it was shot. Maybe the people aren’t familiar but the place is. Or maybe the scene sparks joy and reminds you of your family. We would love for you to share any memories the films inspire (user account required - see more information below.)

Visit our How to Catalog guide to learn more.

Joining an event as a guest vs Creating an Account

If you are at a live or virtual event, you can quickly join a live community tagging event by entering the 7 digit event code. You will be able to explore the archive and describe and tag films with what you find meaningful.

If you find that you have more to say about a film than what can be contained within a tag (more than a 3 word phrase), we encourage you to consider creating a memory. You can then share as much as you like about what the film means to you and/or your relationship to people, places, or communities featured within the film. To access this feature, please create an account.

A video guide to help navigate our community events

How To Catalog