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Episode 8: "Reflections" by DJ Peace RTG

Premiered May 20, 2020

Season 1 of “Spinning Home Movies” concludes with DJ Peace RTG’s mix, “Reflections,” a soul-stirring stroll through childhood memories and milestones, accompanied by deep house grooves and original sound from home movies of the late 70s-early 80s. “November 1978 and it’s William’s first day of school. Are you excited, William?” William: “No.”

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Watch the premiere to see Peace RTG's interview with Jacqueline Stewart, reactions from the audience, and the post-show Rewind with the APL and SSHMP team.

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About the Artist

DJ Peace RTG

From digging for vinyl at record shops like Imports, Loop Records, 2nd Hand Tunes, Doctor Wax, Gramaphone and every place in between, to fine-tuning his innovative style that inspires listeners to an intoxicating tipping point, Peace RTG is also known as the Underground Legend. His still popular Disco Definition series introduced the world to the edits and blends he is noted for. With Disco as the foundation, today his sound has evolved to include Soulful House, Afro House, Afro-Tech House, Tribal House, Deep House, Underground and Vintage classics to send one unified message: Music heals and soothes the soul.

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